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"I hired Naseem as my day-of coordinator for my wedding and she went above and beyond that title to make sure everything ran smoothly, things were where they needed to be, vendors were doing their jobs, and guests were happy. She helped my bridesmaids with a bunch of last minute errands the morning of the wedding and did it all with a genuinely happy smile on her face the whole time. Throughout the ceremony and reception I had zero stress knowing Naseem was in charge. I appreciate her level of energy and passion for what she does. 
Not only is she an incredibly talented planner/coordinator, she is such a beautiful soul. Her kindness, joyful heart, and charisma made it an absolute blessing to have her there on my big day." - Mandie Mohsen


“I am so grateful to have gotten to work with Naseem in planning my wedding. She's ebullient and has a contagious enthusiasm about weddings. I kept wanting to play it cool and pretend I was above all the girly wedding stuff, but I couldn't help but get excited every time I talked to Naseem. She unlocked some of that wedding enthusiasm in me, and I'm so glad she did, because it made the planning experience a zillion times better.” - Lindsay Meisel

"Naseem has an amazingly positive disposition, which is a key to her skill at forming deep relationships with all types of clients as well as her team members. It was not unusual to have clients send me unsolicited positive feedback with their appreciation for Naseem's diligence and care.  Her work ethic, combined with her natural relationship building skills, made her a natural fit for the role in which she quickly excelled." - Shane Mayer, previous manager

"Naseem is a wonderful person and has been an exceptional account manager to work with. She truly has a passion for what she does. Naseem is extremely reliable, friendly, sincere, and I would not want to work with anyone else" - Candace Hopkins

"Naseem is a total star. She is super responsive, communicative and helpful throughout. Overall a delightful interaction." - Katie Smith-Adair

"She is dependable, professional, incredibly responsive and, above all, friendly -- even in stressful situations and fast approaching deadlines. She is a delight!" - Julien Perry