an ode to Leo

By now the hashtag #PoorLeo has gone viral and we've all had a chance to mourn the loss of Leonardo DiCaprio not winning the Academy Award. To be completely honest, I was probably one of the few who wasn't as obsessed as everyone else with the Wolf of Wall Street as a film, but I was blown away yet again by this man's acting. There's countless debates as to why he got shafted again but lets digress. Lets move forward and focus on the positive. As I looked back and thought of this man's amazing career as an actor, I can confidently say that no other actor has had such an impact on me as a film lover.  Therefore, what better way to express my love than with an ode.

:10 things I love about Leo:

  • 1) The fact that he blew me away when I was 15 with the Basketball Diaries and how that's still one of his most underrated films out there (sorry not sorry but all those teeny bopper rooks who consider themselves fans after seeing Inception and the likes. Nope!) And yes, that's Marky Mark <3

  • 2) The fact that he has brought his mom as his date to almost every awards show he's been nominated in.
  • 3)  How his little bangs fall perfectly across his face in so many of his earlier films and he just flips them back.

  • 4)  The fact that he told Oprah out of every actress he's worked with that his favorite is and always will be Kate Winslet

  • 5)  When he blew a kiss to the camera at the 2014 Bafta's  right before the show started because he knew that's all the viewers wanted.

  • 6) The fact that he completely improvised the lemonns scene in Wolf of Wall Street and could only shoot the leg scene once since he pulled a muscle using his leg to open the car door. (His day will come).

  • 7) The fact that he blew me away with the Departed.  I remember it being the first time I  was jaw dropped in a theater while watching an actor who had shape-shifted so much. The role was so different than his usual and he nailed it. On top of that, with an ensemble of a cast, he still shined brightest. [This scene didn't hurt either].

  • 8)  The fact that he brings you to tears with raw emotion in his crying scenes.

  • 9) His undeniable, TIMELESS sexiness. Specifically, his brooding yet rough around the edges demeanor in every 90's film he was in. Here's looking at you, The Beach.

  • 10) Finally, The fact that Titanic always has been and ALWAYS will be my favorite movie of all time because all he did was challenge Rose to be herself and let go of being who others wanted her to be (got deep for the last one, but i had to).

  • Lets make it 10 1/2: The chemistry between these two that's lived on for over a decade and is untouchable.