Parenthood: Season 4

Parenthood: Season 4

Don't you love when you find a hidden gem of a TV show amongst all of the garbage that is currently on the air? That's how I felt when I started watching Parenthood last year. It was right after season 2 had aired and there a few month hiatus until season 3.

All it took was the Pilot and I was hooked. So hooked in fact that I got my parents to watch it and from that day on, we would watch 2-3 episodes a night all together (thank you Netflix!) It was to the point that my grandmother from Iran who was staying with us at the time was sitting there watching every single episode, waiting for us to pause and translate for her.

This show has everything that an avid TV lover looks for -- AMAZING acting, character development, and realism in its story lines. There are so many shows lately that are so over the top with the drama. And don't get me wrong, we buy into it cause it's temporary entertainment (i.e. Gossip Girl/ Ringer), but it's not something you leave the room and still think about. With Parenthood, in a weird way I literally feel like they are my family.. I can see so many similarities in each character with those in my own family. I'm so emotionally invested in these characters that they feel like friends I've known forever.

With the start of season 4 last week, Parenthood is definitely going to be one of the shows I do a weekly cover of. With this post, I'll sum up both the premiere and Episode 402 into one.

-Last night in "Left Field" we saw a shift from the happy-go-lucky feel in the premiere, to where this season is actually headed. And the writers yet again never cease to amaze me with their story arcs...

We're all thinking it -- so why not go with the most shocking reveal of all...Kristina Braverman! Um, WOW. Poor thing :( I think out of all 4 families on this show, my heart really breaks for them the most. It's funny because they are the "typical" American family of the bunch, but the issues they face are so hidden beneath the surface that you wouldn't see it looking in from the outside. With Julia&Joel, it's clear that they're dealing with the adoption of their new son, and with Sarah it's clear that she's trying to pursue her passion while raising 2 teens on her own -- but with Adam& Kristina they are so strong in putting on a brave face that you are kind of left thinking, "come on, why another thing to have to deal with?!" She just had her baby, she's dealing with her daughter living the college life, and raising a child with Asberger's.

But in a weird way, it's not shocking at all when you really think about. The show does such an amazing job of telling it like it is... this is life. Life is unexpected, sudden, and full of change. We aren't given any guarantees. Just like it showed so beautifully -- she's thinking about her family and just goes into a regular check-up.. From that one check-up, life has changed forever.

I can't wait to see where the season heads from here. Amanda Peet's acting is nothing short of superb and she did an amazing job portraying the emotions of shock and channeling the doctor's diagnosis. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I think I'm left with teary eyes at the end of EVERY episode I watch.

This show is gold! I think I'll leave it at that, because the rest of the episode was very routine, compared to the last 10 minutes.

Can't wait for next week!