#NYE - My Year in Travel

IMG_0014.JPG I was lucky enough to cross off so many things on my bucket list in 2015. The biggest of which was traveling more. Not only was I eager to check out some of the big cities in the US that I had been hearing so much about, but also to take a long "Eat Pray Love" excursion. I'm happy to say I successfully accomplished all those dreams and was able to visit Austin, Portland (twice!), Seattle, New York, Vegas, and Bali this year. It's funny that to some people this might not be a big deal at all -- in fact I have some friends who travel for a living! But for someone like me who was also working full time and on a "early 20's in SF paying rent" salary, it's so awesome that I was able to make all this happen for myself.

Not to mention the reward of feeling so accomplished and well cultured after this year as well. I've come to realize that I seriously have a travel bug and I am beyond blessed that I can say goodbye to 2015 knowing that I got to make some huge travel dreams come true this year. I'm sure you've all seen my past posts with more photos from each trip and if not, feel free to scroll through to take a look! Above is just a snapshot from each trip.

I'm already thinking about next year and the spots I want to cross off my globe! Where are you all dying to visit?! Happy New Year everyone <3 See you in 2016!