64th Annual Emmy's Roundup!


Happy Monday everyone! Last night was one of my favorite nights of TV and I'm sure MANY of you tuned in to watch the annual Emmy awards! Sometimes I feel like equating my love for awards shows to how passionate men get about watching football games. I l i v e for watching these live telecasts -- from the red carpet, to analyzing if the host is funny or not, to catching the candid moments of each star as they're seated in the theatre -- I LOVE it.

Last night's show was actually better than last year in my opinion. I was nothing short of pleased with all the results. There is seriously so much talent on the air right now that it's almost sad that only 1 winner is awarded in each category! I also loved that there were more nominations for shows that are not on basic cable than there were those on cable! HBO led the nominations of course -- with Showtime following close behind.

To get right down to it -- HOMELAND ladies and germs! Um, if you haven't already started, I suggested you start now. Shameless plug - Season 2 starts in 5 days so you have a little bit of time to do a quick marathon and catch up on Season 1 (only 12 episodes). WOW. Don't get me wrong, Breaking Bad is probably my favorite show right now, but Homeland is also up there. And as a new show with its first season just wrapped, I think it deserves all of the hype it's getting, and then some! To win the Best Drama Series Emmy is HUGE for them. Not only does it really relish the reputation of the show, but it also marks the Showtime network's first Emmy win for Best Series. I am so happy for them. Not only did it take that prestigious award, but also Best Actress for the ingenious Claire Danes & the Best Actor award for the Brit (who know!?), Damien Lewis. Both I think are beyond well-deserved. Oh and lets not forget the best writing award too! Wow. What a night for them.

My heart was yearning for Breaking Bad to either take the Best Actor or Best Drama Series win, but I can't complain at all because Homeland is equal in my book. The writing, the story- line... it's so realistic especially for where we are at right now as a society and the acting is SO superb. I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a new treat to indulge in!

Ok, moving on -- Best Supporting Actor... MY BOY, Aaron Paul, for the win for a second year in a row! YESSS. I can't explain how happy I was to see him win this award again. Watching him with tears of unbelief in his eyes and his complete humility as he spoke truly brought tears to my eyes as well. I felt like a proud parent, haha. This actor is beyond the caliber of the men his age in Hollywood right now. I love watching him on Breaking Bad and I can't wait to see the next project he takes on after it ends.

Other than that, some of the standouts to me was seeing Louis C.K. and his Emmy success! Three for the night! Good for him. My brother is a huge fan of him. I think he's alright but a little pretentious for my taste. I was a fan of his acceptance speeches though.

I think Jimmy Kimmel is just a little elementary for my taste as a host. I would have much rather had someone more animated like Jimmy Fallon or even Jon Stewart as a host. How predictable was that "In Memoriam" segment about himself? I don't know, it was alright, but I think they could have done a better job in choosing the host.

Other than that, I can't complain though, it was a night of simply shedding light on some WELL deserved talent that's out there right now. I encourage all of you to get into these shows that are nominated because they are well worth it.

Can't wait to for the fall line-up that starts in the next few weeks to come, and you can be sure I will be covering them all!

Good night