Parenthood: Season 4, Episode 6

The highlight of last week's episode for me was Max. Amidst the tears, the worry about Kristina's tumor removal, and Haddie's decision to take the semester off of school -- Max stuck out most. Throughout the whole episode, I was curious to see how the writers would have his presidential speech turn out. Would he run off stage? Yell at the audience? Freeze up there? The final result was the most heartfelt and gut wrenching speech that a little boy could give. I've found it a little tough to empathize with Max throughout the show because of his lack of emotion. It kind of bugged me that he had not even an ounce of TLC for his mom when she was talking to him about her cancer, but I kept thinking I'll give him that because of his condition. But wow, actually seeing him talk about his Asberger's and why it causes him to act the way he does completely broke my heart. The fact that he repeated exactly what his sister told him in their prep talk.. the fact that he said his condition is his biggest strength as opposed to a weakness-- gahhh! So unbelievably sweet. And I'm so happy that he ended up winning. Of course, who wouldn't vote for someone after a speech like that. I loved watching the camera cuts to the audience while he was speaking. Their faces were so in awe and interest after he changed gears and delved into his Asberger's condition.

Other than that, Kristina's tumor removal went well and we are left hanging because unfortunately, the story isn't over for her. In fact it's just begun. She has to start chemo now :( I'm wondering what will happen because they decided to keep this a secret from Haddie. Are they going to keep it a secret from everyone in the family? Just the kids? Curious to find out, because I know Haddie and she will be devastated that they kept this truth from her.

Such a solid episode, in fact such a solid season! I'm the type of person that usually picks Season 1 of everything as my favorite (with the exception of Dawson's Creek & Breaking Bad). But for Parenthood the seasons have just gotten better and better! In fact, this might be my favorite season to date. It's just annoying that NBC keeps having these random breaks in between. Not sure if Episode 7 is tomorrow night or a week later, but more to come!