typical post-college syndrome

why is it that my own 17 year old brother is so passionate and driven about what he wants to do with his life and future, while i'm sitting here more confused than i've ever been in my life? it's so embarrassing when everyone's favorite question is, "so now that you're a graduate, what are you doing next?" and i just give them a blank stare and tell them i legitimately have no idea. i feel like it makes me look pathetic. here i am, done with school from one of the top 20 public schools in the US, with a pretty decent GPA, and some great memories under my belt -- but now i'm back at home, 2 weeks in, and i'm just confused. borderline frustrated with myself because i feel like this is what i felt like freshman year of college and not what i should be feeling like now. i thought i was supposed to have it all figured out by now. i'm applying to some marketing jobs/ the business field and getting my resume all spruced up for that, but in reality, this is not the kind of job i want nor think that i will enjoy. sure, i know the pay will be amazing, but honestly why do i want to do this at age 22?

i want to travel, i want to experience life, i want to see other parts of the world, interact with different kinds of people... i feel like i've been in a bubble for the majority of my life and it's soon going to be too late.