now here's the 411...

Hello ALL. Whether you've randomly stumbled upon this blog, or you're a friend of mine, I wanted to use this post as an intro to a little bit about me, why I started this blog, and some of my aspirations. All my life, writing has been a passion of mine. It started with a love for all of my English classes. While the class would sit and groan when we were assigned an essay, I was secretly grinning from ear to ear. There is just something about writing as a medium to communicate. Some people are better sharing in person, but others just get it ALL out there in writing.

I remember one of the first blogs I ever started reading was Sitting there each day, not seeing the face of the person who was sending in their little postcard, but just reading their 1 liner and GETTING them. I felt an instant connection to the person. It's just something about writing...

I used to blog here and there on blogspot, and then it was always posts that were very personal. Kind of like an online diary if you will. Some of my earlier posts on this blog are similar as well, but I really want to start having more of a structure to my blog. I've made a decision to be regular with my blogging and make it a spot where hopefully you want to come stop by and take a peek at what I'm all about. With this post, I hope to introduce myself a little more and share with you what my interests are and what I'm most passionate about.

So what am I all about? Cutting it down into some broad categories, here is what you can expect to find with my daily postings:

1) Personal- because I can't get enough of sharing about my life and the day-to-day rants that I have to get off my chest. One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE story-telling. One of my favorite things is just sitting around with a big group of friends and retelling an experience of something funny or embarrassing that just happened.

Hand in hand with that, the main focus of this blog is geared towards being 20-something and not really knowing that's next in life. I know so many people who are in this same boat of being straight out of college, hitting up the real world, and being bombarded with a whole lot of confusion and somewhat of an identity crisis. I hope to use this blog as an outlet to hear from YOU if you're in that boat, if you have been there, and what your 2 cents are.

2) Entertainment - I love nothing more than movies, TV, and music. It's sad, some people spend their youth excelling at sports and hobbies that are so physically rewarding.. me on the other hand? I am your entertainment guru my friends. I can spend DAYS talking about every TV couple on the air and who's love is the most endearing, or the LOST series finale and how the analysis will never end. I love movies and TV more than anything, and I definitely want to use this blog to review the shows I watch and share my opinions about the cast, the plot, and realism of each show. (my lifelong fantasy is to one day be an entertainment blogger, namely TV/movies, so Michael Slezak if you're reading, holla at your girl!)

Music -- always a fan of the underground music scene and the raw talent that is out there. I spend most of my days on music blogs and sharing albums via dropbox with my peers. You can definitely expect some links to what I'm currently listening to and enjoying.

3) Other than personal and entertainment, I can't think of another broad category to list, but hey, anything goes. I have always prided myself on my Persian roots ;) therefore, who knows, if I have any "you know you're Persian when.." experiences, or hilarious family antics, trust me I will not hold back on sharing.

Quite honestly, writing is my personal creative outlet. As I was sitting and trying to think of names for this blog, nothing better came to mind than, "Undefined & Unrestrained"... Why? Because I think at 22, you really don't know who you are yet, and you don't know where you're going! But there's beauty in that. And I'm figuring it out, while allowing myself to be totally unrestrained. Unrestrained with what I blog about, with the paths I choose to go down, and with the opportunities I hope will surface. It's just the beginning, and for lack of better words than to get cheesy and quote The Hills, "the rest is still unwritten.." hehe

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride my friends! Welcome to my life.