Twin Shadow

[youtube] If you haven't checked out Twin Shadow already, do yourself a favor and take a peek at his new album, Confess, and enjoy. (

I had the luxury of seeing him perform live n SF in August, which was literally fate because it was right in the peak of when I began my obsession with him. He was so meek and innocent.. just standing there playing his instruments and communing with us the whole time. His music is a mix of 80's/pop/rock= New Wave. And I am a hugee fan.

Excuse me while I go rock out!


jessie ware


What's good right now? Jessie. Ware.

Finally out with her debut album straight from the UK, Jessie truly has delivered. One thing that sets apart a one hit wonder from a true artist is if they have more than 1-2 good songs on their album. Um, Jessie BLEW me away.

I was a huge fan of "Running" when it first came out and then I kind of forgot about her because it was out this February. It wasn't until I heard "Sweet Talk" on a blog this last month that I realized it was the same person. I recently bought her new album, Devotion, and it has been on repeat in my car everywhere I go.

Her voice is the perfect mix of Sade and a little bit of Florence Welch. I love the new wave/ 80's feel to her voice and the sound she delivers in every song. I can't even pick a favorite because the whole album flows together SO nicely.

I've always been a fan of young women in the industry who deliver something original and meaty.. And wow, in a sea of "artists" like Ke$ha, Lana del Rey, and Kreayshawn's (no offense to anyone!)... Jessie truly stands out. Not only does her voice SHINE, but she also doesn't feel the need to play up to this persona of being dressed super wild/ have an alter ego. She is herself, and you can tell how truly comfortable she is in her own skin. She's my artist of the month. Cannot get enough of her.

Oh and for all my Tupac fans, make sure you check out her cover of, "What You Won't Do For Love" for a sick take on it.