Homeland: Season 2, Episode 3

Shame on me! How late am I on this review?! I promise, I promise I will get better. Things have just been so weird this week with the transitions I'm dealing with & pretty much trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.Which I feel like is way too early to even think about, so I don't get why I'm stressing. Anyways, moving on to Homeland! I always want more Carrie air time. I was annoyed that I didn't get as much as I wanted, but nonetheless, Sunday night's episode was jam packed. Let first talk about Brody and his ordeal with the bomb-maker (yes, thats what I want to call him).

I thought it was a little weird that Abu Nazir's crew chooses Brody as the sole rescuer to get this guy to a safe house. Didn't they think that it would be suspicious that they guy you just made a bomb for is the one that's supposedly getting you out of danger? I don't know. But that side story was really enticing. I was absolutely shocked that Brody ended up breaking his neck. It was so random!! But I guess that's what happened when push came to shove in a stressful moment. I don't think Brody even expected the guy to run away from him! But come on, leaving him alone in the car? Kidnapping 101, sweetie.

Anyways, back to Carrie. My heart broke this episode just seeing her ups and downs. The fact that the CIA lied and told her the meeting was an hour later than it really was -- and on top of that taking her 18 page report for the intel first -- come ON! That was low! I can't even imagine being in a situation where your whole identity was defined as being in the CIA.. and then you're told that you are fired because of a mental instability.. and THEN they change their minds and want you back for one last operation because you're the only one who can help! I mean that's a lot to put on one person. On top of that, she delivers and not only that, she ends up being right about everything. She succeeds in Lebanon, she leads you to Abu Nazzir, AND risks her life to grab that backpack from the home!

And then you won't even let her into the debrief?! Ugh. All I can say is thank God she gets her job back next week (or so it looks like). It's about time. I think my favorite part of the episode was the last 15 minutes. For some reason I could totally put myself in her shoes in those moments. She's home finally for the first time in months, but her self confidence is out the door. So she thinks of the one thing that could really boost her confidence -- dolling up and going out. The second she wants to go out, I almost felt like she was thinking, "This isn't going to satisfy me permanently." And she does a 180 and runs for the pills. Obviously we all knew she wasn't going to kill herself because she's the main character! But still that scene was hard to watch.

Flash forward to her throwing up the pills and taking a few breathers and enter Saul! The best ending this episode could have. I had no idea that he hadn't shown the CIA the memory stick yet! I think they totally tricked the audience with that one, because we were all expecting that David had all the information once he spoke to Carrie. I got shivers all up and down my spine as she plugged it in and watched Brody on the screen. Her body language and her emotion as she said, "I was right?" over and over killed me. Finally. Yes. Closure. Poor girl -- you WERE right! And you can finally rest in the fact that you are normal and sane.

Wow. It almost felt like it was me! Haha. Other than that, we have the usual bickering between Jess and Brody and I think she's slowly coming to realize that something's not right with him. I'm curious to see how long he can keep up the white lies before Dana or Jess finally put the pieces together. It's going to be a great season, and with the preview for next week I'm even more excited.

On the one hand, the CIA knows that Carrie is their only link to getting close to Brody. On the other hand, the terrorist group wants Brody to get close to her for more CIA intel! So it's a mess on both ends & I can't wait to see it all untangle.

Happy Hump Day!