#disney addict

So, #1 is one thing you should know about me is that I am a Disney fanatic. I pretty much have seen every Disney movie 20 times, memorized every line, still cry at the endings, and sing each song as if I'm Celine Dion. In addition, thanks to Pinterest, I've been really into some of the minimalist movie posters that some of these talented designers have come up with. I especially love the gallery of this designer from France, Aurélien Allétru -- check out his entire portfolio of minimal Disney posters (http://bit.ly/gzdS3u). They are great. It's interesting to think -- what one item from each Disney movie would you choose when having to pick only one? I think some of the ones he chose are SUPER creative. Others I find interesting because I would have chosen something totally different, but I think that's what makes it cool. Each of us have something totally different that stands out to us most.

I can never pick which Disney movie is my #1 favorite because I have such a soft spot for each and every one. But I've realized that my tops are usually more of the underdog movies rather than Cinderella/ Little Mermaid/ Sleeping Beauty which usually are the most popular. A few of the ones that are my absolute favorites include: The Sword in the Stone, Mulan, Pocahantas, Robin Hood, Hercules, and Dumbo. I love them all, but just to name a few, these are the ones I grew up watching time and time again -- and the ones that I can still go back and watch now with so much excitement and joy.

My favorite thing about this long string of Disney movies is how amazing their writers and producers were. To be able to convey a message to an audience that ranges from a child in preschool, all the way up to that child's parent -- and to have them both leaving the movie in tears at how profound the film was is truly talent. I think each and every Disney movie has such a unique moral and message at the end that we can all take away. I can't pick just one that has the "best message" because obviously that's so subjective, but just to share my two cents: I re-watched the Lion King this afternoon after I was super bored, and I honestly think that the message conveyed by this film is truly phenomenal. What other children's film is able to relay the message about the circle of life/ the course of death so beautifully and so simply? It's honestly breathtaking. And I think watching it when you're older means so much more because you've experienced so much more at this point. Sorry to get emotional about it, but I honestly just have so much respect for writers who can translate such a powerful message into film and gear it towards such a wide demographic.

Thanks for changing my life Disney! I love you