Parenthood: Episode 402

"Everything is Not Okay"Every Tuesday night my family and I sit down to watch Parenthood... and every episode I'm literally telling myself, "ok, don't cry tonight, it won't be as emotional" -- and EVERY time I'm wrong! Haha, in tears by 20 minutes in. Last night was no exception. Side note, did you guys know that Sam Jaeger (Joel) directed last night's episode?! I thought it was quite exceptional.

Last night amidst the light hearted moments that they tried to throw in, like Zeke getting arrested or Max's tantrums about the vending machine, it was almost impossible to focus on those scenes because of how deep and emotional the rest of the story arc was. We find out more about Kristina's diagnosis of breast cancer and what that means now for her family. I LOVED seeing Adam and her interactions. They are seriously such a dynamic couple and truly believable as husband and wife. It was so on point, seeing him trying to be the one to save her and be the optimist, but in reality right now she just needs someone to be real with her and LET her be scared. That last scene (before Max's interruption) in their bedroom seeing Adam get teary-eyed was almost Oscar worthy. Both these actors steal the cake for their performances, episode after episode.

I can't wait to see the big reveal when they share this news with the whole family. I was hoping that would have been this week, but it's actually more realistic that they're taking their time with it. I thought Adam telling Amber was SO out of left field... but the spontaneity actually made it more believable. I can totally see that happening, where you kind of blurt out news that you've been keeping in for so long to the one person who just happens to be at the right place at the right time.

Other than that -- the biggest thing I am d r e a d i n g is this new found chemistry between Sarah and Ray Romano (I don't care enough about this character to know his show name, LOL). I know, I know.. the writers need to have some sort of drama to keep us intrigued, but come on! Poor little Mark deserves a break. He was just allowed entrance into the sacred Braverman family portrait, and now they want to create a divide between the two again! Ugh. I was actually really shocked that there weren't more sparks or innuendos between them last night during that wedding scene, but time will tel. I mean, I can tell how a lot of people look at Sarah and Mark's relationship as one that's unrealistic or immature, and one that keeps her in that childish persona she has had. I think the argument would be to pair her with someone older, more stable, and allow her to grow into the woman she needs to be. But I honestly love the purity and innocence in her love with Mark. And you can tell he GENUINELY loves her so much. I am actually rooting for them in a weird way. I've never been a fan of couplings where the girl is older, and in this case like 15 years older, but for some reason they match! I like it.

Other than that, I can say that I was bummed to not see as much of Julia and Crosby in this episode, but can't complain because Kristina's story line truly deserves to be at the forefront of the show right now. The writers have truly set up this season perfectly so far. Only two episodes in and I am more attached to this show than I ever thought I would be.

Til next week!

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