Election Day

I'm not one for political posts or giving my 2 cents anymore -- too much drama. I've realized that in this day and age there are just some youth who don't have the maturity or the capability (sadly), to handle a political discussion, without it becoming an argument or dispute. What happened to the days of having an intellectually stimulating conversation, sharing two opposing opinions and respectfully hearing what the other person had to say? I find that recently I can only have those types of talks with my parents' friends or people who are much older than me. Anyways, today's post isn't to give my opinion on the election.. I have a feeling people are already on information/opinion overload with the amount of free speech that social media has given us to share our thoughts on this current election. Instead, I just wanted to share how crazy I think it is that it's been 4 years since the last election.

Call it my nostalgic self kicking in once more, but seriously... I was thinking about this last night while I lay in bed trying to sleep. I literally remember what I was doing, who I was with, and even what I was wearing four years ago during the last election!! I think most probably this was because fall 2008 was also such a pivotal time in my life too. I had just moved into the dorms for my freshman year of college at UC Davis. It was all of our first time ever being able to vote, so weeks prior to the election, my entire floor was studying up on all the props, sharing different views, and putting up cute little posters on our dorm room windows, sharing our opinions and who we were supporting. I remember the night of the election, myself and around 15 other dorm-mates were all in our common lounge area, all watching CNN, eager to hear the results. I even remember I was in my typical scrub attire; this sweat suit I had bought from Target which became my signature outfit on weeknights after getting home from a long day of classes, haha. We were all eating popcorn, sharing stories, and anxiously watching the screen to hear the final results. Once we heard Obama won, the room erupted with cheers and excitement. It was such a special moment... just witnessing a group of up and coming youth, having just entered adulthood, being able to take part in an election and then seeing their vote count and gain victory. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I love being able to share important events in life with a big group of people. It kind of reminds me of our LOST series finale party we had (yes, I do consider that a big life changing event in case you were wondering).

Anyways, my only purpose with this post was to look back in shock at the fact that I feel like I'm getting old because I'm turning into one of those people who say, "I can't believe it's been 4 years!!" -- but seriously, I can't. I look at my college days and remember them like they were yesterday. I'm sitting in my room now, simply floored at the fact that it was FOUR years ago. That I'm so past that stage in my life and it's really sunk in that it's real world time.