Homeland: Season 2 Premiere

FINALLY! Ah I am so sorry for being late on this post! But better late than never, eh readers? (you like what I did there.. pretending like I have readers?) :D So WOW.. I can't believe I waited until tonight to watch the Sunday night premiere of Season 2 of Homeland -- the incredible show that swept the Emmy stage last week with all of its wins. I could not have been happier with the premiere. I don't even know why I was a bit skeptical before I watched, but I was glued to my couch the full hour. Can I mention how awesome it is to watch a show with no commercials/ no need to fast forward through commercials even?! Thank you Showtime!

The writers did an excellent job in setting the stage for what is to come in the next 12 hours of this program. Although I'm not a huge fan of time jumps (especially between seasons), I was still satisfied with how things began at the start of this episode. Claire Danes you are a goddess... I don't know how she does it, but her acting is TOP notch. I'm so happy they didn't make her a couch potato or even completely forgetful about her past. I kept thinking the electroshock therapy at the end of last season would lead to her completely forgetting everything about the Brody/ Abu Nazir case. But she was almost normal, even!

Yeah, she's a bit shaky, but she seems to be doing really good... and this sets a perfect ground work for her to get even more involved with the CIA/ this case as the season progresses. Did they really think they could just fire her and it would be permanent? Come on, this girl is your lead eagle people. It won't be long until Estes and Saul are apologizing to her and calling her back onto the team for real.

Side note -- I can't even imagine the pain she must feel. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't believe you... and you KNOW you're right, so all you're trying to do is convince them, but they end up thinking you're crazy. Case in point: Carrie. So I truly feel for her. One quote from her from the teaser trailer for this season was, "I've never felt so right and been so wrong before." AH, all I want to do is just yell at the TV to her and say YOU. ARE. RIGHT. But of course that's what gets us hooked!

Back to the home front -- I'm not a huge believer in the fact that the current Vice President so suddenly is such a strong advocate of Brody running for VP in the next election. Really now? I mean, okay yes he's a war hero but what is all the fuss in bringing him into power? Obviously that's great for him in the long run so he knows the insider scoop on the government's plans, but still. That part is still a little unbelievable for me. Other than that... the Roya character. Wow. Shivers down my spine in the moment that she revealed to Brody she's working with Abu Nazir. Another great actress.

I haven't been a huge Dana lover since starting Homeland, but the premiere made me like her a little more. Maybe because her relationship with her dad really reminds me of my dad and I. They're more like BFF's than anything, and they both have one another's back no matter what. I really believe their relationship. As much as I despise her attitude, it's completely typical of any 16 year old girl.. especially rebelling against her mom; it's a given. I wonder how things will turn out with the reveal of Brody's Muslim conversion. I was thoroughly impressed with Jess' performance as she ran into the garage and began throwing things around. She's been an underdog for me in this show, with the other actors all surpassing her with their ability, but her monologue in that scene was awesome.

Of course, the show cuts RIGHT when we're about to find out if Carrie met up with her old spy. My favorite scene was her little smirk to herself as she threw off the guy chasing her, almost as if she's thinking, "Hey, I'm back in the game/ I got this." I'll give her props, that was one hell of an escape plan. Good for her.

All in all, such a packed episode. I'll admit though, Carrie's half of the storyline was a lot more exciting than Brody's.. but I know it will get even more intense as the show gets underway. Solid.