6 month check-up

okay, so it's been much longer than 6 months. i look back and I can't believe that 2012 is already coming to an end. My last post was right when I graduated college and moved home. So much has changed since then. I can't believe I was SO worried when I was back home from college. I'm going to go more in depth with that in my next post, because that's one issue I really want to have constantly addressed in this blog. I think the beauty of growing up is taking uncertainty with a positive attitude. Being excited to see what door opens next and where life is going to take you. Prime exaample -- never in my wildest dreams did I imagine where life would take me this past June.

I had the amazing chance to go on a dream trip of a lifetime to Europe with my family. Not only was it a fantasy to all of us because the pricing had always been so expensive, but it was also one of the best bonding experience the 4 of us have ever had. This is one trip that I will forever remember.The photos don't eve begin to do Europe justice! It was MAGIC, my friends.

The day after I got back from France, I began my first "big girl job" as I like to call it. I've been there for the past 4 months working as a recruiter. It is SO different being in work mode rather than school mode. I'm enjoying it though... it has been such a growing experience that was much needed. More on the job to come!