Guilty: I've been more and more afraid to show my face here because of how much I've been lagging lately with the blogging. No excuse really.. I think I've just been really preoccupied in my mind and thoughts. I'm all over the place lately. Not to mention, I just turned 23 this week so much of my time was spent in birthday queen mode ;) best time of year, haha. I love the month of November especially because of Thanksgiving though. I got to spend tonight surrounded by my family and close friends who are pretty much our family. We don't have too much of our extended family living near us, so for the past couple of years we've spent the holiday potluck style with three or four of our super close family friends. It's always quite the occasion. We're surrounded by amazing food, get caught up in the most competitive charades games, and spend the whole night laughing and getting cozy by the fire. This is a short post because I'm actually leaving my thanksgiving dinner right now to head straight to the airport to catch the red eye to Detroit for my cousin's wedding! I get to be her maid of honor so I'm super excited about that. I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and lots of love. Oh, and please indulge. It's only right this time of year!






Rant of the week: I'm annoyed because almost all of my shows were cancelled this week due to something. One of my biggest pet peeves is being so excited to watch your shows on DVR from the night before -- and then you get situated and lounged in front of the TV, only to find that none have been recorded! Gossip Girl, Parenthood, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, AND the Challenge were all no where to be found this week :/ Sure, I saved some time and was able to be more productive with my nights, but come on, we all know that TV is my mistress. Excitement of the week: Okay, done with the spoiled brat rant. It's officially NOVEMBER! My favorite month of the year. And no, not ONLY because it's my birthday month, but because it marks the official start of the holiday season, as well as good old Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and maybe a part of it is because I feel like it's the underdog holiday that always gets shafted. I got my mail yesterday and I'm already getting catalogs from Macy's with Christmas tree decor deals. Starbucks' holiday cup is out with snowmen on it. People have their lights up. Christmas music is flowing. I for one, am the biggest fan of Christmas time, but come on people, let Thanksgiving shine too!! Haha, I am the biggest Thanksgiving advocate. I think it's just as important to take a step back and truly immerse ourselves in the season of 1) giving thanks for our blessings & 2) actually giving to others who are less fortunate. I wanted to challenge myself this month to get outside of the "me-me-me" mentality I tend to stick in. Instead, I want to challenge myself to do something every day for someone else. It doesn't have to be buying an elaborate gift for someone every day, but even sending a kind note, doing someone a favor, or even smiling at a stranger. Anything that involves me giving back to those around me and passing along kindness. That's why this is my favorite time of year. In addition to the leaves changing, the crisp fall weather, and the yummy home-made treats, we are entering a season where we can reflect and give back to those around us. We can take this time to step outside ourselves -- and wow, what a humbling, intrinsic reward that leaves us with.

Happy holiday season to all of you! What are some of your ideas in challenging yourself to give back this season?